Trike Paths

Introducing Trike Paths! Trike Paths help keep trike riders safe, away from playground traffic, in a fun and exciting way. These impressive playground racecourses are easy to install, maintain and change out. Pick between 4 different configurations for your imaginative playground speedsters! Bring a creative world of racing to life with Trike Paths from MD Materials. For more information please call our offices at (877) 840-0707 for consultation and ordering.

Atlanta Crazy Eight

 Size: 45’8″ x 18’11’

Weight: 492 lbs

Price: $6,095

Bristol Oval

Size: 26’11” x 18’11’

Weight: 300 lbs


Daytona Square

Size: 18’11” x 18’11’

Weight: 228 lbs


Talladega Fast Track

Size: 10’11” x 18’11’

Weight: 156 lbs




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