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Plastic borders look great and work wonders for your playgrounds and backyards. Below, you’ll find various images of plastic playground borders, in a variety of settings. They’re available from our parent company, Maryland Materials, in a range of colors and several different sizes.

Plastic Borders :: Individual Timbers

plastic borders4-foot black plastic border
(12″ high), front side.
4 foot plastic borders4-foot black plastic border
(12″ high), reverse side.
Shown with 30″ spike, which slots
into place for storage.
plastic borders 4 feet length4-foot plastic border (9″ high)
Available in several colors
6 foot plastic borders6-foot black plastic border (12″ high),
front side.
borders 6 feet long4-foot plastic border (6″ high).

Plastic Borders :: Installation

how to connect plastic bordersHere, the 30″ spike has been driven halfway into the ground, connecting the plastic
borders. You can use a simple hammer or mallet to drive in the spike. Once the spike is driven completely into the ground, the borders hold playground surfacing in place.
endkits for plastic bordersOur retro-fit system lets you customize border lengths to your area’s exact measurements.
plastic border end piecesShown here: The retro-fit system, collapsed to the desired length.

Plastic Borders :: Playgrounds

spikes connect our plastic bordersPlastic borders look great and keep your
playground’s resilient surfacing in place.

green bordersGreen plastic borders match the grassy
areas around your playgrounds.

play structure with bordersHere, black plastic borders retain the
rubber resilient surfacing around the
Princess structure from SportsPlay, Inc.
playground with plastic bordersBlack plastic borders retain the
safety woodchips around the
Thomas structure from SportsPlay, Inc.
plastic borders and shdeBlue plastic borders & a red playground
shade structure create a lively look.
swingset with built-in shadeBlack plastic borders contrast nicely with
the lawn around the playground.
stone themed plastic bordersFaux stone plastic borders look like real stone,
but they’re much lighter and less expensive.
rock themed bordersFaux rock plastic borders offer
2 stone themes (the plastic border is reversible!).
stone themed borders on playground
Faux stone plastic borders give a fun
medieval look to any playground area.

Plastic Borders :: Sandboxes

plastic border sandboxes Plastic borders also make great sandboxes. When you build a sandbox using plastic borders, the borders lock together tightly to keep the sand in. In fact, the only time the sand will leave the sandbox will be in your kids’ pockets!

Plastic Borders :: Accessories

ada ramps for plastic border systemsEntrance Ramp
Our plastic borders measure 8″ or 12″ high, creating a barrier around your playground. This entrance ramp gives easy playground access to infants and special needs children. They’re made from durable polyethylene, and they’re ADA friendly. When you’re installing the plastic borders, just leave room for the ramp, and it fits right into place.

Part#: 902-503. Weight: 100 lbs.

NEW! Trike Paths

Our Trike Paths are designed to be customizable to your playground needs! You can mix and match the parts below, and they snap together like puzzle pieces, no hassle! Our Trike Path is ADA Compliant, it is 5’ wide and has a 2” edge’s along the side so your play area can meet the ADA Law. For more info, follow this link or contact us today!

Atlanta Crazy 8
Size: 45’8″ x 18’11’
Weight: 492 lbs
Bristol Oval
Size: 26’11” x 18’11’
Weight: 300 lbs
Daytona Square
Size: 18’11” x 18’11’
Weight: 228 lbs
Talladega Fast Track
Size: 10’11” x 18’11’
Weight: 156 lbs